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Live On: 27th Mar, 9am EST


The Product / The Funnel


Front End: ($7-$9.97 Dime Sale) 100% Commission

The Main Product, comes with 7 video modules, is about how to Turn make $100 per day with aroven CPA formula with facebook traffic, and set all things up with a few minutes work per day. Also we are going to show how to double or triple everyday income by scale up in an effective and proven way!! This upgraded 2.0 version will deliver even more value than 1.0!


Upsell 1: ($27) 50% Commission

The Upsell 1 are Live Case Studies where we are going to show live on my computer how to apply each step from the Main Product - it's basically a "Look over my shoulder" Video Training. There we present exactly how we make $100+ per day in pure profit with our own, personal CPA campaigns.

Downsell1: ($17) The Downsell 1 is same offer as Upsell 1 but without bonus.


Upsell 2: ($37) 50% Commission

The Upsell 2 is a complete Done-For-You-Package. We are going to offer 3 complete proven done for you CPA campaigns that currently we are using and making huge profits daily. The buyers will receive premium support for these campaigns, which will save them a lot of time. This is something really powerful! We release these innovative campaigns for the first time ever. These are definitly pure value!

Downsell 2: ($17) The Downsell 2 is same offer as Upsell 2 but without bonus.


Upsell 3: ($127) 50% Commission

The Upsell 3 is a face-to-face one hour skype coaching call. During this call, we are going to reveal them directly reveal our core CPA model and make tons of money monthly. And we will offer our highest quality service to buyers to ensure they are satisfied. This offer is converting very well in our previous launches, and the buyers are 100% satisfied with what we shared during the one hour coaching. We have already changed some people's life, now we are here to change more...

Downsell 3: ($97) The Downsell 3 is same offer as Upsell 3 but without bonus.

$1000 in Cash Prizes

Phase 1: Speedy Contest

First 24 Hour Prizes: $400 for Most Sales (No Minimum)


Phase 2: Main Contest


1st Prize: $300 (Minimum 60 FE sales)
2nd Prize: $150 (Minimum 35 FE sales)
3rd Prize: $100 (Minimum 20 FE sales)
4th Prize: $50 (Minimum 15 FE sales)
5th Prize: $25 (Minimum 10 FE sales)

The Swipes


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Forget EVERYTHING You Thought You Knew About CPA Because
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EVERYONE can profit from CPA BIG TIME (even you).
But ONLY if you have a proven and predictable system, and that's the catchy part right?

You' ll Stop 'Spinning Your Wheels' And Will Be Able To CRUSH It With CPA Marketing!
Because my friends Flemin and Liming, who are experts on CPA marketing and are going to release their latest product - CPA $100/Day Formula 2.0 to you. 

They have changed some people's life when releasing their 1.0 version, now they are aiming to change for more...

Inside they will show you on screen how to copy and paste their proven formula that banks you at least $100 per day, if you want to make this kind of money like the running clock, I highly suggest you watch out my next email, by then the CPA $100/Day Formula 2.0 will be LIVE.

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You Are About To Discover the 100% Fool-Proof, Devastatingly Profitable CPA $100/Day Formula 2.0 That Will Allow You To Effortlessly Generate passive CPA income like clockwork...

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My good buddies Flemin and Liming show you their exact detailed steps, with video series, how to set up your very own CPA income machines.

But not limited to just one of these money making robots…CPA $100/Day Formula 2.0 can scale up to all niches!  The most beautiful thing is, no experience needed to start this business.

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SUBJECT: Simple CPA MONEY Trick Bank $3k/Month!


By any chance if you didn't open my last email, you've missed my sharing of something that will be of great benefit to you.

My good friends Flemin and Liming reveal you their latest product - CPA $100/Day Formula 2.0, upgraded version from 1.0 that guides you into a proven cpa income stream for $100 daily.

Their system is extremely powerful and will allow you to follow same method in any niche and scale up like crazy.

Stop wasting your money and doing tedious work begging people to pay you just a penny, it's time to switch to this new method.

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